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product arrow Trend a Modern Style of Islamic Fashion

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Judul    : Trend a Modern Style of Islamic Fashion

Penulis : Wardah

Pembahasan yang sederhana dilengkapi dengan penampilan karya desainer muda berbakat Indonesia, buku ini insyaAllah bisa dijadikan panduan bagi muslimah yang ingin lebih memahami tren. Mulai dari pemahaman elemen tren seperti pemilihan bahan, warna, desain, aksesori, teknik padu padan dan aplikasi riasan yang sesuai dengan penampilan, hingga pemahaman berbusana yang nyaman namun stylish berdasarkan karakter atau personal style.

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” - Ralph Lauren

“If you want to be a trend setter, then learn about trend.” A simple discussion on trend with a supplement of designs created by young promising designers of Indonesia. InsyaALLAH this book can become a guide for muslimah who are interested to know more about trend.From elements of trend like coosing material, color, design, accessories and, techniques of mix and match until application of make up according to the image required. Knowledge of wearing stylish but comfortable clothes, according to character or personal style.